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Outhink Software Engineer....I make things go.
Software Engineer for SpinXpress. Developed the desktop application and Directory Services. I have worked in many sectors of the Software Industry doing embedded programming for Sharp Research Labs, Web development for Active Arts Sports Portals, and now Desktop Applications and Networking/Security Engineering for SpinXpress.
Chris Ritke doesn't usually tell anybody, but he has a Masters in Physics that he got way back when in Germany. It didn't make him a physicist - it just helped him train his brain to think a little. He spent many years working on and with project management software, ending with the sale of WebProject Inc, one of the first online project collaboration solutions. These days he's involved with different things like 49Media, SpinXpress, Towerpod, and 49Sparks
I'm a videoblogger and part of the SpinXpress team. I also run so if you have questions about things, I'm a good person to ask. I'm really interested in cross-cultural collaborations. I've been involved in two big one - Alive In Baghdad and Swajana. I'm also into Machinima made with Second Life and would love to find someone to work with on that. Check out my latest machinima videos.
I'm a curious person interested in the worlds within worlds that different groups of people live in.
I like frogs...
{1} I am a filmmaker. Writer / director / producer. And I'm currently working on a film about race in America, the remnants of colonial days and the possibilities for healing. If you have something to say about race, racism, trauma, inherited legacies -- and want to say it on video -- let me know. I'm looking for contributors.

{2} I create media projections for live theater, opera, and gallery installations. Sometimes the projections are computer-driven by our own custom software that does all kinds of cool interactive things.

{3} I am the founder/creative director of Milkweed Media Design, which creates kickass websites and specializes in videoblog / video-on-the-internet / podcast design. Want your videoblog to look great? Contact us to see what we can do for you.
Hanging out in NJ. Colombian !
Hello,I am a member of our church choir, a very happy, friendly person.I love animals, especially Neitherland Dwarf rabbits. I also have a cat that I found,a gold and orange Tabby. I am still looking for him a home, because I can only have what lives in a cage.(apt.rules) he goes out side to potty. I attend online college,and have a nice family.
Yes, the red hair is real. And no, I didn't loose a bet.


This is for the Executive Leadership of Mennonite Church USA.
sharing video files
Super Technologies, Inc. was incorporated in 1999 in Delaware, USA. It has since been providing VOIP related services. In 1999, Super Technologies, Inc. was the world's first company to provide a DID service on an IP Phone device. In 2001 Super Technologies, Inc. again won Best of Show award in the Spring Internet World Expo in Los Angeles for the same technology. At that time, it retailed under the brand name Virtual Phone Line.


This video was produced by the Star Radio Group in conjunction with the APS Foundation of America, Inc. The APSFA can be located at is associated with recurrent clotting events (thrombosis) including premature stroke, repeated miscarriages, phlebitis, venous thrombosis (clot in the vein) and pulmonary thromboembolism (blockage of an artery found in the lung due to a clot that has traveled from a vein). It is also associated with low platelet or blood elements that prevent bleeding. Recently, however, even more disease states have been linked with APL including premature heart attack, migraine headaches, various cardiac valvular abnormalities, skin lesions, abnormal movement/chorea, diseases that mimic multiple sclerosis, vascular diseases of the eye that can lead to visual loss and blindness.The APS Foundation of America, Inc. is the only United States nonprofit health agency dedicated to bringing national awareness to Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome (APS), the major cause of multiple miscarriages, thrombosis, young strokes and heart attacks. We are a volunteer run, community based 501(c)3 non-profit Public Charity organization and is dedicated to fostering and facilitating joint efforts in the areas of education, support, public awareness, research and patient services. Their URL is http://www.apsfa.orgThe APS Friends and Support Forum at . This is an open forum for people who have Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome, friends, family, and caregivers.There are many ways you can help the APS Foundation of America, Inc. You can volunteer your time and talents such as in the area of fundraising, advocacy, finance, or support group experiences, donate money or purchase APS gear through our webpage at or through our Caf Press at APSFA, APS, Foundation, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome, lupus, stroke, dvt, pe, thrombosis, clot, migraine, hughes, syndrome, miscarriage, anticoagulant, heart attack, vertigo
In this particle animation in hues of red and orange watch as gas bubbles rise to the surface of slowly churning red hot magma deep below the Earth.
We'd noticed a lot of folks searching for a globe animation, so we've made one! While it takes the real Earth 24 hours to make one rotation, the Earth in our video takes only six seconds! In an effort to try and represent not just the globe and the continents upon it but also the cloud layers and thin stratosphere of our home, this animation took over 12 hours to render on our render farm. We think you'll agree, though, it was certainly worth the wait! This great video comes complete with a black masking background perfect for using in your web flash animations or to overlay another video!
Or, should we say - Earth meets rock! In this fantastic mix of 3D and particle animation we present a view of an asteroid as it decends from the heavens and crashes into the ocean - as seen from the surface of the ocean. Watch as the asteroid heats up as it descends through our atmosphere and then crashes into the ocean sending up water, rock and debris. A great animation to demonstrate the effects of a comet or asteroid on our planet to your students!
In this animationwe combine dozens of world map particles to produce a brilliant effect. A great abstract animation for any purpose.
Take a trip back in time around Mother Earth and her Moon in this awesome fly-by animation. Stars, Earth, Moon and Sun combine in this 3D animation to produce a spectacular video background complete with atmosphere, accurate textures and lighting and so much more! Runs backwards in time (i.e. counter-clockwise).
Track from Let's do the Samba! digital album to be released next december. PUTZ!Attention! People of the Earth!We have been observing youAnd now it's time to say...That you don't have much timeIt's your chance to chooseBetween life and deathEnjoy this offer:Claim for your soulsAnd let the love goes out!(Nature makes the world go around)Putz!(we are your friends...)It's time to learn, earn, burn, it's time to go...Putz!It's time to go...Putz!"Congratulations for you want to be freeAlways listen to your heart and believe in it"(now you make me laugh...)It's time to learn, earn, burn, it's time to go...Putz!
This is a Game between "You" who is trying to combat the deforestation effect and "Him" who wants to deforest. But...When against every chopping hand there will be many sowing hands, "You" definitely wins against "Him". In short " We will Definitely win. Sow trees save earth.